Student Complaint & Grievance Policy

Effective: 06/19/2020

Students are encouraged, at all times, to communicate their concerns to members of the faculty and administration. If a situation arises in which a student has a complaint or grievance the student is to adhere to the following procedure:

  1. Within 72 hours: Discuss the matter with his or her instructor, if applicable. If not resolved,
  2. Within the following 72 hours: Discuss the matter with the Program Director. If not resolved,
  3. Within the following 72 hours: Discuss the matter with the Academic Dean. If not resolved,
  4. Within the following 72 hours: Discuss the matter with the Campus President/Director.

If a student is still unable to resolve the issue, a written grievance statement along with supporting documentation may be submitted to the Campus President. The written statement should include the details of the student’s issue, a summary of the conversations the student had with individuals while following the above procedure, and an explanation as to why the student believes the issue remains unresolved.

The Campus President will schedule a grievance committee meeting within three business days of receipt of the written grievance. Students are required to appear before the grievance committee. The Campus President will inform the student of the time and place to appear before the committee. The grievance committee has the responsibility of reaching a decision that is in balance with the best interest of both the student and the college. Students will be notified in writing within three business days of the committee’s decision. Legal representation is not permitted since a grievance committee meeting is not considered a legal proceeding.

Further, students have the right to report any apparent inconsistencies with the application of the Student Complaint & Grievance Policy outlined in the school catalog. The request must be completed in writing and submitted to Concorde’s Campus Support Center Student Affairs Department at: The request must include a summary of the student’s grievance and any details and supporting documentation of the student’s conversation with campus staff regarding the grievance, and it must describe how the campus’ management of the grievance procedure was inconsistent with the school catalog. The Student Affairs Department will research the student’s report as deemed appropriate, including requesting additional information from the student as needed, and render a final decision that is binding. The student will be notified in writing of the decision.

Additional Student Grievance Options

Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)

Student Complaint Procedure

Schools accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges must have a procedure and operational plan for handling student complaints. If a student does not feel that the school has adequately addressed a complaint or concern, the student may consider contacting the Accrediting Commission. All complaints reviewed by the Commission must be in written form and should grant permission for the Commission to forward a copy of the complaint to the school for a response. This can be accomplished by filing the ACCSC Complaint Form. The complainant(s) will be kept informed as to the status of the complaint as well as the final resolution by the Commission. Please direct all inquiries to:

Accrediting Commission of Career Schools & Colleges

2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 302

Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 247-4212 |  

A copy of the ACCSC Complaint Form is available at the school and may be obtained by contacting or at

Colorado Department of Higher Education Procedure

Attempting to resolve any issue with the School first is strongly encouraged. Student Complaints may be brought to the attention of the Division of Private Occupational Schools online at, 303-862-3001. There is a two-year statute of limitations for the Division to take action on a student complaint (from student’s last day of attendance).

A student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program may direct an unresolved complaint to:

Colorado Board of Nursing
1560 Broadway, Suite 1350
Denver, CO 80202

A student in the Dental Hygiene program may direct an unresolved complaint to:

Commission on Dental Accreditation
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

A student in the Physical Therapist Assistant program may direct an unresolved complaint to:

Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education
1111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

A student in the Practical Nursing program may direct an unresolved complaint to:

Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850
Atlanta, GA 30326

A student in the Radiologic Technology program may direct an unresolved complaint to:

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606-3182

A student in the Respiratory Therapy program may direct unresolved complaints to:

Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care
264 Precision Blvd
Telford, TN 37690 USA
Telephone: 817-283-2835
Fax: 817-354-8519

A student in the Surgical Technologist program may direct an unresolved complaint to:

Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ARC/STSA)
19751 E Mainstreet, Ste 339
Parker, CO 80138