Effective: 06/09/2022

It is Concorde’s policy to encourage previously withdrawn students to return to school to complete their education.

Students must meet all entrance requirements in place at the time of readmission. The reentry process requires review and approval of the student’s financial status, financial aid eligibility (when applicable), completion of enrollment agreement, collection and review of official transcripts, as well as prior academic performance and any other documentation required by the program the student is reentering. Students may be required to demonstrate skill competency prior to readmission and may have to repeat a course(s) depending on the results. Readmission is contingent upon space availability and requires final approval of the Campus President. Returning students will be enrolled into the program curriculum in place at time of reentry. Students who are dismissed from the program are not eligible for readmission. Under certain conditions, students may be required to complete and pass a drug screening, at their expense, prior to readmission as outlined in the Drug Screening section of this catalog.