Equipment and instruments are available to instruct students in the skills they will need in their chosen careers. Concorde students acquire knowledge and technical skills through demonstrations, actual operation of equipment, and the practice of techniques. Among the major items of equipment available to Concorde students are the following (by program):

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Nursing program is equipped with catheters, nasogastric tubes, needles, syringes, suction machine, a wheelchair, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, an electronic thermometer, an opthalmoscope, an otoscope, simulated patient units, hospital beds, teaching mannequins and models, drug cart, hoyer lift, gurney, EKG machine, walkers, canes, glucometers, feeding pump, bedside commode, Noelle Maternal Birthing simulated mannequin, and other miscellaneous equipment.

Cardiovascular Sonography Program

Equipment includes hospital beds, various ultrasound scanning systems, ultrasound transducers (abdominal, vascular, cardiac), ABI scanning equipment, simulation training computers, medical record software, medical ultrasound printer and scanning simulation mannequins.

Dental Assistant Program

Fully functional dental operatories, dental x-ray unit, complete darkroom facilities, amalgamators, teaching and x-ray mannequins, dental laboratory, model-trimmers, lathes, bench grinders, vibrators, sterilization equipment, dental instruments, dental chairs, and miscellaneous teaching aids.

Dental Hygiene Program

Students enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program have access to a completely equipped and functioning dental clinic. Included in the clinical facility are four radiography units, a panoramic x-ray unit, and 12 fully equipped operatories. Students learn various technical skills in the lab before treating a patient. Some special equipment included are model trimmers, intraoral cameras, digital x-rays, autoclaves, and StatIM sterilizer. Mannequins are used for instrument skill and instruction. Personal computers with appropriate software are also used for the benefit of the student.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Equipment includes hospital beds, various ultrasound scanning systems, various transducers (abdominal, vascular, endovaginal), simulation training computers, coding and medical record software, medical ultrasound printer and picture archiving and communication system, and scanning simulation mannequins.

Medical Assistant Program

This program has a laboratory stocked with medical test supplies and equipment, such as stethoscopes, glucometers, sphygmomanometers, examination and treatment tables, autoclaves, electrocardiograph machines, centrifuges, microscopes, teaching mannequins, and other teaching aids.

Practical Nursing Program

The nursing lab contains six patient units typical of a hospital setting. Standard equipment includes hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, IV poles, patient mannequins, and bedside tables and stands.

Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Equipment includes treatment tables, electromagnetic and electrical stimulation devices, biofeedback units, ultrasound, traction, thermal modalities and adaptive equipment. Therapeutic exercise equipment includes a treadmill, parallel bars, exercise balls, free weights, balance boards, and other devices that promote fine and gross motor skills. Assistive devices include wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, and orthotics/braces. Assessment equipment includes stethoscopes, goniometers, postural screening boards, pulse oximeters, spirometers, and other teaching aids.

Radiologic Technology Program

The Radiologic Technology program equipment includes an energized radiographic unit with computed radiography laser reader and CR cassettes, darkroom, automatic processor, film and film holders, two full body Phantoms, quality control test equipment, position sponges and sandbags, wall-mounted chest board with grid, skeleton, disarticulated skeleton, and protective lead aprons.

Respiratory Therapy Program

This program has a comprehensive laboratory equipped with oxygen devices, aerosol/humidity devices, lung expansion devices (intermittent positive pressure breathing machines, incentive spirometers, continuous positive airway pressure machines), mechanical ventilators (respirators), airway maintenance devices (suction machines, intubation tools, artificial airways), and ancillary equipment (arterial blood gas equipment, oximetry, capnography, pulmonary function equipment, mannequins), plus a library complete with respiratory and respiratory-related medical journals, texts, and audiovisual equipment.

Surgical Technologist Program

The program has a mock operating room setup with operating room tables, mayo stands, back tables, pulse oximeter, surgical mannequin, instrumentation autoclave, draping and prepping materials, sutures, drains, and catheters.

Audiovisual Aids

Concorde’s programs are supported with reference books, charts, field trips, demonstrations, and other teaching aids. Speakers from business and industry are used when possible to supplement classroom instruction.