Distance Education/Online

Concorde supports the educational needs of the busy adult learner, delivering some courses in an online format. Online classes are not intended as easy substitutes for learning on campus. Students will find that learning online can be as challenging and rewarding as attending on-campus but allows the flexibility of determining when learning is convenient. Although time is flexible, attendance and participation is expected and monitored. 

The convenience of online courses allows students to work on assignments and participate in class discussions as their schedules permit within specified timeframes. Learning is achieved through both individual inquiry and collaboration. Each course encompasses a variety of different graded learning activities.

Students enrolled in online classes and programs are expected to be capable of using a computer to complete some or all of their coursework and be familiar with accessing Internet resources. In addition, they must have access to a reliable computer and high-speed Internet connection sufficient to complete their coursework. Students are also welcome to utilize the Concorde computer labs and/or the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to complete coursework. Online courses utilize the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), a secure, web-based platform that employs multimedia technologies and is accessible 24 hours per day via Internet access. Prior to enrollment, prospective students will be required to complete an online assessment of their readiness to successfully complete their education in an online environment. The campus may require the student to participate in an orientation as well as online sessions at the campus.

To complete online courses using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), students should refer to the following links to be sure they are using appropriate computer systems. Students also must have an Internet provider with reliable service. 

Some courses may only be offered in a distance education format. Please refer to the Admissions Representative or Academic Dean for course schedules.